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With the completion of my beta-testing duties, my time as an active contributor to the MSNBC/NBC owned system are at a close. Well they've been closing for a little while now, since Microsoft decided that they didn't like the direction NBC wanted to take the news and left, oops I should say departed. That was pretty much a sign that things were going to get interesting, and they did. Fox is the network that panders shamelessly to the right and MSNBC panders with a thrill up its leg to the left. This would be bad enough had they not given things a spin and they now treat contributors to the NBC news family as Huffington does theirs. NBC's direction isn't very appetizing to begin with, putting up with it and working as an unpaid contributor just doesn't work. I'm a middle-of-the-road sort of guy that doesn't kowtow to parties, that just doesn't cut it around here. So, I'll hang around and read what friends I've made here have to say, but aside from an occasional vote up, don't expect to hear much from me.

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